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  • Model: SE000131025 - 6 Jute Bite Tugs Set

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As you may have noticed we have huge variety of products for dogs presented on this site. Everything we make is for our customers and their adorable dogs. We know how much you love your pets and how caring you are. We want best for your dogs as well.

We present you this Training supplies jute bite tugs set. It was developed specially for training. It is indispensable thing to start training your dog. Some people do not even imagine how necessary and useful this set can be. It helps dog to develop skills to perform commands, it perfectly will do for plays that are targeted at developing biting skills.
It is very convenient for the dog handler to use this set when training a dog. We always think about comfort both of dog handler and his dog. These training supplies were made of the most quality material that meet all international standards. You should not hesitate for a minute whether it is worth buying this set. You definitely should buy it! It is a perfect set for young puppies as well as for grown-up dogs.

Necessary equipment for training your dog

Training supplies jute bite tugs set

Main characteristics of this Training supplies jute bite tugs set:

  • super strong quality material;
  • many items in one set.
Get huge variety of bite tugs to enjoy training your dog to bite and to develop and sharpen healthy prey and retrieve drive.
Use the same stuff professional trainers use.
And get 3 presents - ball with bell inside, kong on string and great jute play toy role with handle!

You can found in the set:
  • Training toy tug with handle
  • Small working bite tug with handle
  • Long training bite tug with two handles
  • Huge bite tug with two handles
  • Bite pad with three handles
  • Jute bite rag with handle
For you to know
All pieces of this set are hand stitched on the edges, properly stuffed with friendly for dogs teeth fabrics. The basic material is jute. We want to give you some piece of information about this very material. First of all Jute is a long, soft, shiny vegetable fibre that can be spun into coarse, strong threads. Jute is one of the most affordable natural fibres that is why this set made of this quality and not so expensive material.

General "Woof" Tip: We are involved in making our products over 10 years and have century of combined experience in making you and your dog happy when our products involved and when you need our help before or after order placed.

You will need this set whether you are an owner of young puppy or grown-up dog. With the help of this set your dog will be perfectly trained, obedient and the dog will sure love its owner for all efforts he put in it.

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