How to Feed a Husky Puppy

How to Feed a Husky Puppy

You should choose for your Husky puppy a special feed for puppies or young dogs. Its pieces should be of an average size so as the dog can chew them but not regurgitate. When the puppy is nine months old, you can start to give him the food for adult dogs. Such diet is preferable for active dogs, especially if you're going to train your puppy to walk in harness. Any changes in diet should be gradual, during the period of several days, so as to avoid complications. You should keep your puppy on puppy feed regime, until he is one year old and only then to transfer the dog to the regime of adult dog feeding. 

Dogs get used to a certain way of feeding, so dainties should remain dainties, but not a part of the diet of a dog. Following this rule, you can use dainties also for training. It is possible that a small biscuit before bedtime, before you turn off the light, will help your puppy to live this part of the daily order. It also makes sense to give little bits of dainties when a puppy comes to you on command. It especially works on Siberian Huskies, which very stormily respond to such pleasant moments. 
Appetite of an adult dog. 
The quantity of food consumed by a dog is affected by the level of physical activity, air temperature and age. Usually, the Siberian Huskies are not very greedy, so moments of refusal to eat, especially in males, should not cause alarm. One dog in the house will have no particular appetite, because there is no point of competition. If your dog is healthy and in good mood, then lack of appetite for a day or two does not play a big role. Sometimes, especially in the pack, lack of appetite is a way to demonstrate the "annoyance." Usually, this way of behavior passes quickly, but if it starts to disturb you, contact your veterinarian. 

Males may refuse to eat food when there is a bitch in estrus somewhere nearby. This is a normal phenomenon, which passes after a while. Other related changes in behavior can be the aggression to other male dogs, tense and stressful atmosphere in the pack, which may be accompanied by a heartrending howl at night. All these things you will just have to tolerate, because dogs act instinctively. You should not punish them just because you do not understand them. 

Balanced diet. 
The diet for the dog depends on many factors including age, level of activity and health. Basically, feeding with well-nourished dry feed is very convenient and inspires confidence that the dog gets all the required nutrients in a balanced way. There are barely a dozen real high-quality feed in the market, so you should carefully examine the label. 

Other types of food may be a dog canned food, liquid, fresh and frozen foods. Fresh or frozen meat better to mix with the biscuits, add vitamins so as to get adequate diet. This is, of course, a big disadvantage of homemade food, but dogs like it. 

Canned or semi-liquid food also can give the right amount of nutrients, but sometimes nutritional supplements are needed. There are should be written on the package, whether the food complete or incomplete, whether dietary supplements are required to obtain a balanced diet. The disadvantage of this type of food is that it is necessity to purchase it in large quantities. 

During feeding with a dry food the dog will replenish the need of liquid by fresh water from the basin, although many people prefer to macerate this food. It should be noted that dogs love canned food so many owners have added a bit of canned food into a dry feed, it's not so necessary, but it gives a meat flavor. If you decide to feed your dog with a dry feed, you should remember that there are two types of it - extruded feed in a form of pellets or pieces and a feed in a form of flakes (cereal). Any type of high quality food is good enough, but you should avoid cheap feeds in the form of flakes.

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The digestive system of dogs cannot digest raw starch, and a cheap feed contains it in large quantities. It can be evidenced by many not digested cereals and grains, which you will see in your dog faeces. You should feed your dog with well digestible food. Saving your money on food can affect the health of your dog. The Siberian Huskies have very sensitive digestive system, so the best for them is molded food without starch, it results in minimum complications, and thus the result is a healthy dog. 

The assortment of ready-made feed in recent years has become more diverse, so we can choose feed accordingly to age and size of the dog's snout, as well as feed for the fatty dogs. 

Amount of food. 
Question about the amount of needed food for the dog is simple to solve, but you have to choose the feed from the huge assortment, and should not rely on the manufacturer's instructions because they do not belong to a fixed quantity of feed. First of all, pay attention to the amount of feed listed on the packaging. With the lapse of time, you should change the amount of feed, depending on the size and development of the puppy. The puppy should be thin and muscular, but not famished, so, if he is putting on or losing weight, you need to change the amount of food. You should not do it abruptly; it must be done gradually, because an abrupt increase in the amount of food can lead to diarrhea. 

You can estimate the weight of the dog and the condition of her body by running your hand over dog's back and ribs, and to make sure that they are covered by muscles without any evidence of fat. You should feel the bones well, but your fingers shouldn’t "sank" between the ribs. Imagine a human athlete - you will not see any athlete who has no visible ribs. But a great difference should be made between lean and famished dog, the dog should be neither famished nor fatty. 

The dog feels much better when, after running around, he does not feel tired, than he will become fatty simply because his owner could not resist watching the wonderful spectacle of feeding his dog, because he eats so well! It is necessary to take responsibility for the issue of maintaining the physical shape and good health of your dog; otherwise you will have to treat him. 

Dainties can be a part of the diet of a dog, but their amount should be minimal, also you shouldn’t give it out of hands. Treats are very useful in dogs training, especially puppies, but if there will be too many dainties, you will have to reduce the amount of food of the main feed. 

Most puppies are fed four times a day up to twelve weeks, three times a day up to six months and twice a day the rest of their life. Two meals a day feeding is better for the organism of the dog, but maybe not so convenient for you. However, with each feeding the dog gets less amount of food that will be digested better. Imagine that you have eaten the entire daily food ration at one go. You will feel overeating, and then a terrible hunger. The same the dog will feel if he is fed only once a day. Bowls for food. 

Bowls for food may be plastic, porcelain, metal or ceramic. Remember that your puppy can play with his bowl, so it's better to buy something unbreakable. The dog can chew plastic bowl, so the owners of Siberian Huskies should choose metal ones. They can serve for many years and can't be damaged by dog's teeth.