Must-have spring dog equipment for your Siberian Husky

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Spring is already here!!! :) It gives you, dog lover or trainer, a great opportunity for outdoor activities with your extra active pet. As spring often begins with rains and bad weather, we prepared a range of dog products for that purpose. So you can surely use this equipment for walking and training with your doggy.


Nylon is considered to be the best material for being used for energetic and strong breeds. Why? Just imagine, each time after walking you come back home and notice that your dog's equipment is such a mess. Surely, your friend was running through the puddles and wet bushes, and all, that comes to your mind, is to throw his collar (harness, etc.) away. Take nylon products for any kind of activities and you will see the difference! Easy washable, soft and strong stuff is a real gift for your four-legged investigator!


Today take an excellent chance to get must-have dog training products for spring activities with your four-legged friend! Check this newsletter for bestsellers, dog breed info and much more!

Weather-proof nylon dog harness for
Siberian Husky