Strong Cord Nylon Dog Leash for Siberian Husky


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  • Model: L20B#1025 Nylon cord dog leash

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Perfect Quality Cord Nylon Dog Leash

The good quality leash is one of the most important pieces of equipment for your pet. To make right choice among the great variety of products you have to realize what you need it for. Right chosen leash will make your everyday walk not only comfortable and pleasant, but can provide your pet with safety.

This nylon leash is considered to be a standard tool, which is often used during dog training sessions and it is noted among professional handlers to be the most reliable and durable equipment. This leash is a good quality creation, which is sold at a very reasonable price.

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Perfect quality cord nylon dog leash

Cord nylon dog leash for Siberian Husky

Reliable dog cord nylon leash

Siberian Husky cord nylon leash

    Key features of this Siberian Husky leash:

    • 4/5 inch (20 mm) thick best nylon
    • Super strong brass snap hook
    • Cord type
    • Appliable to all weather conditions
    • Reasonable price

    Intended use of this Siberian Husky leash:

    • Everyday walk
    • Training sessions
    • Gaining control

    Sizes available:

    • 5 foot (150.0 cm) long

    Available colors:

    • Blue/Black
    • Red/Black

The material is Nylon, which bears heavy load and you dog`s jerks; it is appliable to any weather conditions. So, you may compare this leash quality with the cord. The Snap Hook is a Super Strong Brass Tool.

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